OOTD: Thrifty Glam

Don’t you always feel good when you put together an outfit that’s main pieces are from the thrift? I know I do…



gold studs- F21, sheer top – Thrifted, black tank – SB, rust colored necklace- SB, cheetah ring – F21, snake ring – SB, ribbon belt – SB, high-waisted jeans-Thrifted, gold flats – Payless

Photo Cred: Triiinity Tafari

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♥ XOXO A.T. ♥

OOTD: The Calm Before the Storm

You know the idea, right before something ghastly happens the world is beautiful and bright and reassuring of the beauty that will once be returned to you after all the pestilence is over….

That was Saturday…

It had its downs don”t get me wrong. [insert personal problems here]. But I have to be thankful for all the good things that the day was. It was a beautiful, sunshine-y, perfect weather day. Not too hot, not too cold…just right. I had a delicious breakfast and dinner. I got to see my family who I love, I got see my sister do a wonderful winter performance with her dance company, and I got to spend the entire with my spirit twin Philichell ^_^.

Not to mention, I spent not a drop of time that day working on anything for finals…HALL-EL-UJAH.










sense the excitement?

My Makeup

Eyebrows: NYX eyebrow pencil in midnight brown

Lids: NYC concealer in Fair

Eyeshadow: Studio Secrets 336 Forest Smokes (gold only)

Eyeliner: NYC  Liquid liner in Black

Mascara: NYC Instant Lash in Black

Lips: NK 800 Beach Fuschia

My Outfit

Lace Top – Thrifted

Sleeveless Cardigan – Thirfted

Jeans – Thrifted

Shoes – Thrifted

Necklace – Forever 21

Bag – Coach

(i love my mostly thrifted outfit days, GAH)



**Sidenote: I’ve changed the site! Quite drastically in comparison, I might add. Do you guys like it?**


OOTD: Summer Stripes

Hola! Im back with an Outfit of the Day for you guys! Today is Friday 6/8/2012 and it was a pretty hot day, but a little bit breezy at the same time…if that make any sense…weather in the Southern US, boyyy i tell ya. But it was just a typical day of work and summer school for me so I went for a very simple, relaxed look. Hope you guys like !






Earrings: Shasa – $4.99

Ring: Forever 21 – $6.80

Purse: Thrifted – $1.25

Shirt: Papaya – A gift 🙂

Jeans: Forever21 – $10.80

Sandals : American Eagle – $11.99

 Like I said, just a chill outfit for a chill day. Nothing too special. My fave part about this outfit is the shirt. I love the nautical vibe of the stripes and the split up the back of the shirt.

What do you guys think of my outfit combo? Like it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments below!!

Fashion for the Planet : Upcycling

Upcycling is a new movement on the rise in fashion design where designers acquire previously used pieces or fabrics and update them to fit styles of today. Many designers see upcycling as a way to help the environment while catering to the popular demand for vintage style clothing and accessories. Many businesses have been started based on this design trend. Sites like acidlace.com and recycleboutique.co.nz are examples of these.

Etsy.com also features a number of sites that host individuals selling their own upcycled pieces.

Many people have taken to upcycling clothing because of its affordability.

Used fabrics, old items, thrifted items, can all be turned into new trendy additions to ones wardrobe, with a little DIY and an even lesser amount of cash. This is the beauty of upcycling in the more individual sense.

Others love the trend for environmental reasons, seeing upcycling as a great way to preserve our planet’s resources

Designer and creator of Vancouver’s Eco Fashion Week, Myriam Laroche, shares her sentiment for more environmentally conscious trends in fashion.

“Responsible fashion is about the treatment of people and the earth during the entire garment-making process,” said Laroche.

‘Responsible fashion’ seems to be very necessary since according to the Fair Companies blog, more than 20 million textiles are thrown away in the U.S. each year.

“It’s a shame [upcycled clothing] styles haven’t gotten even more attention given the fact that secondhand clothing is one of the greenest fabrics,” said blogger Kirsten Dirksten of Fair Companies, a site that advocates upcycling, “when you use old clothing as a source material, there is no waste involved in manufacture. Instead you are recovering what otherwise might end up in landfills.”

Though upcycling may seem like a small, possibly insignificant act toward environmental health, as it gains popularity, it actually may make more of an impact than expected. According to Worn Again, a blog dedicated to upcycling in the UK, every ton of discarded textiles reused saves 20 tons of C02 from entering the atmosphere.  With statistics like these, as well as more and more designers becoming earth concious in their work, it is highly possible that the continuance of the upcycling trend can significantly decrease waste and its harsh environmental effects.

More information on upcycling is available at http://www.wornagain.co.uk/blogs/worn-again-blog

or http://faircompanies.com/blogs/view/a-primer-on-upcycled-fashion-and-redesigned-clothing/ .