Trendspotting: Burgundy

Burgundy, Wine, Blood Red, Oxblood, its all the same and its all trending right NOW.

Burgundy is a huge trend for fall and will continue to be a mainstay for fashionistas all throughout the winter. This is not really the newest of new developments, I’ve been meaning to blog about it for quite some time but I kept getting sidetracked from the topic for some reason (oopsie me!). However, it is still just as relevant. I don’t see burgundy leaving the fashion scene for quite some times, especially during these colder months.

Check out celebs like Kim Kardashian & Nicole Kidman sporting the trend!

Incorporate a little burgundy via lipstick or nail polish, or a lot of it with a cool top or dress. I usually like to wear burgundy lipstick to add a little punch to any outfit. However you choose to rock this rich color, it’ll be hot hot, hot!



What do you guys think of the burgundy trend?




Trendspotting: Leather

Hola my dears!

Today is a beautiful day and its actually starting to get cold in the South (whadya know?) And I’m  actually not a big fan of the cold but its still bearable out there, just cold enough that I can pull out a few cute cold-weather items. 🙂

This leads me to a spotlight on the perfect cold-weather trend for fall…LEATHER. Leather is a big trend for fall. I’m seeing it on celebs, runways, and everyday street fashionistas, and as it gets colder, this is definitely a trend to embrace. Leather is mostly worn in black, but there has been a rise of colored leather as well, as of late. Check out a couple of pictures I accrued below of the trend being put to best use…

The leather trend comes in various colors, shapes and styles so there is something leather out there that can flatter anyone. Gon’ get you some!!

Lets Talk Hair!: Naturally Me

Hello my blog-loves! As you all know I generally talk about fashion and beauty. Well hair is a part of that too! I’m natural as most of you may have gauged from my pictures but i get a lot of questions from people I meet about my hair and how I care for it, etc. So I thought I’d answer a few of those FAQs here!

*”Natural” is a term used frequently by women of color to describe hair in a state that has not been chemically altered by relaxers, texturizers, or permanent hair coloring. It is your hair as it was intended to grow naturally from your scalp.*


Are you natural? yes

How long have you been natural? almost a year of being fully natural, almost 2yrs hair growth

Last Relaxer: 8/17/2010, “Big” Chop: 7/29/2011 

Why did you decide to go natural? I had a relaxer since I was about 3yrs old, so other than a few photographs, I didn’t really know what my natural hair looked like. I always admired the versatility of naturally curly hair and it’s something I wanted to experience myself. In late 2008 I didn’t know anything about “going natural” or even the term “going natural” for that matter, but I thought “hey, I’m just gonna stop getting relaxers.” I was still flat-ironing it once a week and treating it like I normally did my relaxed hair so that stint only lasted about 3 months before I decided to relax my hair again. Fast forward to around June 2010, I started getting into research about achieving healthy hair so I decided I would start stretching my relaxers (meaning go more time between each chemical process). I go what I didn’t know at the time, was my last relaxer in August, thinking I would just stretch it to January, but I slowly began to fall in love with the tight coils, waves, and curls I saw coming in. My sister convinced me to wait a little longer to relax it until I was sure I didn’t want to be natural, but as more time passed I decided natural was for me and continued on the journey relaxer-free! (long story, I know, my bad!)

How long was your hair when you first cut off all the relaxer? My hair, when stretched, touched my collarbone. (I didn’t really flat iron at this length)

How long is your hair now? When stretched my hair is currently around armpit length (APL)

How often to you straighten/flat iron your hair? I actually don’t flat iron it very much at all! I’ve only flat iron it once and blow-dried it (as straight as possible) once. These were two separate occasions and I used heat protectant both times (always use head protectant!!). I plan on picking up the straightener a little more in the near future, maybe once every 6-8wks, since versatility is one of the main reasons I went natural. I want it to be straight sometimes! lol

What is your regimen?

Co-wash once a week using cheapie condtioners (like Suave & VO5, etc) *I hardly ever use shampoo unless I just took out extensions or some long lasting style, or I got my hair wet with pool water*

Deep Condition (for about 3 hours, previous to each co-wash) with mixes *mixes generally consist of cheapie conditioner, glycerin, shea butter, and coconut oil when I need more moisture, and cheapie conditioner, coconut oil, plain yogurt, and one egg when I need more protien*

Use Cantu-Shea Leave-in after every wash (style with this product)

…and generally whatever style I do lasts me for that entire week.

I mainly do low manipulation or protective styles.

What are some of your favorite/go-to hairstyles? I mainly do braid-outs, twist-outs, and updos. Most of my styles with my natural hair have this as a basis.

*If I don’t want to deal with it for a while, a full sew-in weave is usually my go-to for temporary freedom*

Do you think you will ever go back to relaxers? Nah. Highly doubt it.

What do you think about girls with relaxers (or any chemical process)? I don’t think anything is wrong with it at all! I truly believe that you can have healthy relaxed, colored, or otherwise chemically processed hair and look beautiful with it! However, i will say that since your hair is not in its natural state and has been chemically altered, it starts off in a weaker state than natural hair and a little more has to be done to rebuild the strength of chemically processed hair to that natural level of strength (i.e. more conditioning, or protien treatments, necessity of more frequent trims, etc.). It is a personal choice though, and neither is wrong or right!

*style in photograph is a bushy-braid out*

Hopefully I’ve answered many of the questions people have about my hair and maybe informed you a bit on natural hair in general! If you have any more questions or comments, leave ’em below!

Until Next Time!


Stripes, Dots, and Florals, Oh My! : A Guide to Mixing Prints

Hello fellow lovers of fashion! We have all been in a fashion rut before where, the things in our closet just don’t look as appealing to us as they used to, your outfit combos feel played out, and you simply have a closet full of nothing to wear. Well, one simple way to update your style without spending a dime is mixing prints!

Let me warn you however, that this could either go really right…or really, REALLY wrong.

I will give you a few simple options that I think will keep you on the right track to be a mixed-print-fashionista!

Option #1

Wear the same print together in different colors/sizes


In the photo above Rihanna rocks a tan leopard printed top with red leopard printed bottoms. She keeps her accessories black, pulling the outfit together into one cohesive look.

Fellow fashion blogger and author of The Fancy Pants Report also shows a good example of this option here by inverting the colors and wearing a top with larger polka dots than those in her bottoms. Since she is wearing black and white polka dots, her red shoes give just the right pop of color.

Option #2

When wearing two totally different prints, make sure they have at least one color in common.

ImageSolange is the queen of mixing prints, and an outfit like this is right up her style-alley. To make this look work, solange made sure that her aztec shorts had white and black in them just like her top. Her nude wedges add style without overpowering the rest of the outfit and her pop of eclectic jewelry makes the look her own. (by the way, love the fro Solange team Natural! )


Here we see this rule used a little more interpretively, but it still works! The pastel pink in the striped shorts, while not the exact same color, is in the same color family as the coral in the roses on the model’s shirt. Also, because the striped shorts are in such mild colors in comparison to the top, they work as a solid against the bolder print, giving the look balance.

Option #3

Wear numerous prints in the exact same color(s).


This model is wearing vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, criss-crossed stripes, and varying sizes of polka dots. How does this keep from becoming a muddled mess? All the prints are in the same two colors. That in itself is enough to tie everything together in a way that is more hot-stuff than hot-mess. The yellow skirt brightens up the look adding a funky pop of color to the ensemble. Those fleur de lis earrings? Just the icing on the cake. I’d snatch ’em if i could!

Well guys, I hope you find these options for how to mix various patterns as a breath of life to your wardrobe. Hopefully you can use these options to make mixing prints a lot less of a daunting task than it otherwise could be.

Until Next Time!


Trendspotting : Neon

Color will always be a big trend for the Spring and Summer months. Its only right, as the weather brightens up, so does our wardrobe ! As we segue from Spring to Summer one big color trend that’s emerging is Neon. Whether its on a bag or boldly slathered on our nails, Neon is a must-have in our fashion arsenal. Here are a few items on my neon-wishlist for the season :


These bold pink “South of 5th” sunnies from Urban Outfitters are perfect for the season! Wear them with any outfit for a bit of neon flare. They run about $16 and they are cat-eye glasses, a trend bonus!


Taking summer school maybe? I am, and Lord knows I will need a way to carry around my books. I could just use one of the handy shoulder bags I already own (that’s probably what i’ll actually do), but in my fashion fantasy land I’m walking around the campus with this baby on my back. I’m not too often a fan of backpacks, but this one screams chic.On sale for $29.99, this Baggu Neon Backpack can be purchased on Lastly this bag was made from 100% recycled cotton canvas, an environmental plus!


With its sassy cut and neon accents, this dress has just the right amount of spice. Perfect for a night out, it’s $29.90 and can be found on


Neon polish, oh yeahh! Probably the cheapest way to sport the neon trend, this nail polish and others like it only run about $4 and can be found in drugstores and your local Walmarts’ and Targets. I will definitely be getting some and putting it into effect ASAP!

Have a little fun with neon yourselves!