Menswear Mondays: Paul Fredrick Summer 2014 Collection

Greetings all my sharrrp gentlemen out there! (*southern belle accent*)

Yes I’m talking to you, you stone cold playa.

Now you know a man in the right suit & tie ensemble, can take over the world! And with the recent launch of their Summer 2014 Collection, Paul Fredrick will help you do just that.

Paul Fredrick is a menswear brand started 25 years ago, originally specializing in dress shirts. Dedicated to providing high quality, the brand designs, manufactures, and directly distributes all of the items in its collections. This new collection features lightweight seer sucker suits, fashion dress shirts, and unique ties that host amazing debonair style with right-on-time colors and patterns for this Summer season.

14P_2K2L_6_043  14S_5K5L_3 14P_2K2L_7_11314S_3W3X_1 14S_2C2D_4_00114S_4E4F_1   14S_2C2D_1TSJ1006_11 14P_2K2L_5_029

My favorite aspect of the new collection? Their stylish ties. I feel like the right tie takes a good suit to the next level of awesome. Here are my top 3 faves. Check out these amazing patterns & color combos!

TSJ2004_681 TSJ1518_441 TSJ1009_701

However, true to their original specialization in dress shirts, Paul Fredrick stocks up to 89 unique combinations of sleeve, collar and fit options in a single dress shirt style, alone. Talk about tailoring to your preferences!

DSJ510B_325 DSJ400F_435

Check out Paul Fredrick’s new Summer Collection ASAP and see what they might have to fit your sleek, stylish, summer suit needs.

☮ XOXO A.T. ☮

TheFashionerrd’s Very Own : Free Spiiirit Clothing Co.


Free Spiiirit Clothing Co. was began by two women, myself (Jasmine A. Brown) and Philichell Pewitt-Hemphill. Here is our story….

Once upon a time I wanted a clothing line. Most of my life I knew I wanted to be involved in fashion in some sort of way, but I also wanted to help people. Around April of 2012, I decided I was going to go for it. I didn’t know exactly how it was going to happen or what the line would embody but I knew it was going to happen. Philichell and I began to get closer as friends over this time and I began to notice that she was a wondrous creative mind, with skills in crafts and DIY. I asked her to come on board and help me with the project. Time passes and Philichell comes upon this video series called TheSpiritScience on YouTube. She passed it along to me to watch as well. Watching this series changed our lives for the better and we began to adopt many of the ideologies that were purposed in the videos. Once enlightened, we wanted to enlighten others as much as possible. “Other people need to know about this stuff!” we said. And we began to think of ways we could spread the message. It came to us, to combine the clothing line and our newfound lifestyle as a way to express ourselves and enlighten the masses. Thus, we formed an equal partnership and Free Spiiirit was formed.

As with any business, teamwork makes the dream work and we needed a team to keep pushing this dream forward. We very carefully selected the best, brightest, most talented and fashionable people in our area. In support of the idea our friends decided to come together with us to form a team…the Free Spiiirit Tribe. We honed their specific talents to fit in the places that would benefit our growth most. Together….we will bring up the world, one vibration at a time.

The Free Spiiirit Tribe



The clothing line consists of a couple different elements: Vintage, FS Designs, Customization, & Hand-Stitched Designs. We offer men and women’s clothing in all categories. The Vintage Collection consists of hand-picked one of a kind pieces. FS Designs consist of designs we conceptualize to be put on to shirts, sweatshirts, hats, pins, etc. Customization is a section reserved for anything you want us to customize. Generally jean items fall under this category. Contact us for inquiries and we will have a consultation to discuss price and possibilities. Customization services are only provided in the Huntsville, TX area at this time. Lastly, our hand-stitched designs have not yet made their debut, however they are coming very soon. Here are a couple pieces…


Dancing With the Aztecs Top $20


“Truth Conquers All” Sweatshirt $27.30


Wild Child Blazer $27.50


Metamorphosis Sequin Top $27.50 

These are just a couple samples from the selection of items we have to offer. We have much more in store for March, so stay tuned!



Check out our website HERE

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Experience Free Spiiirit Life



We also have a Grand Opening Giveaway going on where one lucky winner will get a free “Truth Conquers All” Sweatshirt! Details can be found on the website. Enter soon! Winners will be selected March 1st.

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My Top 5 Fall Essentials

Fall is coming! Well it may be full swing in other areas, but its barely arriving here in the South. Either way my wardrobe is excited for it. Here are a couple of my essentials for staying stylish in the changing season.

Maxi Skirts

I’m especially loving the styles that have shorter skirts with maxi sheer coverings like the uppermost pictured one. Maxi skirts are the perfect way to transition into cooler weather without leaving the relaxed styles of the spring and summer behind. Pair one with a sweater vest or tucked-in quarter sleeve top for a fall look with a relaxed vibe thats not too frumpy.


Tights, omg! Tights are a definite staple in a fall-ready wardrobe. Every girl should own at least one black pair of tights, but printed styles like the cosmic ones or the ones with crosses pictured above are all the rage this season as well. The right pair of tights can take a t-shirt from drab to chic in 30 seconds flat. Won’t catch me without a strong arsenal of these this season.

Brown Lipstick

This is probably my newest addition in regards to what I find essential for fall, but nevertheless, no less essential! I love brown lipstick! I have been using a shade closer to the more bronze-y one above, but as we get deeper into fall and the weather gets colder, i plan to shift to a shade similar to the darker brown color. Brown can be used on any skin color, but be careful not to get a shade that blends too closely to your skin tone as this can come off either as a nude, or a no-lip.


Cardis! Gotta love cardis. There are so many reasons that cardigans are an essential for fall. Coming in so many varying lengths and thicknesses, they are a great way to keep warm on cooler days and can be a quick way to add some spunk to a basic outfit. They also can add a relaxed vibe to any outfit and take outfits that may be more late-summer appropriate into the fall.


Its not always quite cold enough for boots or shoes of that nature, but, for the most part, its time to kiss open-toed shoes goodbye! This is where flats come in. Cover your toes in style, whether you get a more basic pair that goes with everything or a funky printed pair. Flats come in so many shapes, styles, and varieties that i’s find one hard-pressed to get bored with them. I especially adore the spiked ones above. So stylish!

The best part of fall fashion I’ve taken note of thus far is….many of the essential styles are comfy! From the cardigans to the maxi skirts to the tights, all these things are built for cute-comfort. I look forward to embracing fall fashions and I want you guys to do the same!

Let me know how you feel about My Fall Essentials. Are they the same as yours? If not, what varies?

Love you guys! Until Next Time!