Happy New Year + First Tarot Readings of 2016


Happy New Year Spiiirits!

Can you believe its 2016?

Yesterday I pulled my first card of the new year and I’d love to share it with you guys. I have decided that I will pull a card a day, every day this year, come hell or high water. I find it to be a great way to practice my divination and get more & more in touch with my cards. I will attempt to share them with you all every day as well (via instagram or here on zee blog) but I’m asking in advance that you all bear with me. I will share as often as I can. In keeping with my new daily tarot plans, I also pulled a card for today. I will share both.

1|1|16 .{The Hot Seat}.

Hot Seat

Yesterday I asked my deck about the energy of my 2016 & what Spirit wanted to communicate to be about the year. The answer? THE HOT SEAT. Synonymous with the {Emperor} card in the traditional tarot. This card bears the number 4 signifying the deeper self rooted in firm foundations & convictions, balance & the four pillars of the Universe. This card signifies power & great responsibility, for the “Hot Seat” is the seat of the master of the Universe. Any persons prepared to take this seat has achieved adequate work and is ready for the continued work & responsibility that awaits them. This card indicates a position of authority that has been bestowed that one must make themselves equal to. Great urgency is required as decisions must be made that require inner convictions and powers of leadership. This card foretells a way through to the realization of ambitions. Meditate on the correct channeling of energy through the higher will, transforming & blending the psyche.

1|2|2016 .{Island of Jewels}.

Island of Jewels

Today, I simply asked for the guidance in relation to the energy of the day. I used my crystal wand as a pendulum to amplify my natural magick in choosing a card. Spirit’s choice today? ISLAND OF JEWELS. Synonymous with the {Star} card in traditional tarot. This card bears the number •{17}• which combines the numbers •{1}• & •{7}• together to signify the inner light of spiritual attainment through an exalted path of occultism. The Island of Jewels is perceived as being outside of the influence of time. It represents the visualization of the ideal self. Comprised of all the celestial forces that influence the world, it is understood as being not bound to the world but above it as a pure transmitter & receiver of the celestial influences.

This is a highly auspicious card as it suggest the realization of hopes & aspirations achieved through the practice of visualization & opening of the inner spiritual eye.

Connoting inspiration, insight, & spiritual breakthrough, this card is one of optimism & success. Maintain faith in your higher self. This faith in the deepest aspirations of your heart and soul shall aid you in finding expression for these desires in this world that lay the foundations for realization & illumination in the next. Meditate on the limitless possibilities of the Spirit.


I am glad to have received such auspicious messages from Spiiirit at the dawn of this new year. I am inspired & prepared to tap in and take hold of all the cosmos has to offer me this year!

Let me know if any of these cards resonate with you and the energy surrounding you this year!

ॐ A.T.ॐ

Soul Cleanse: Spiritual Baths

.{Spiritual Baths}.


Baths have long been revered for their sacred healing properties. Spiritual Baths are an ancient method of spiritual cleansing. These magical baths cleanse our auras & aid us in purging all the mental and spiritual dirt we may retain.

Spiritual baths are a powerful mystical remedy that utilizes the purfying power of steam along with herbs, essences, & spices to heal, restore, & rejuvenate us inside and out. While normal baths are taken to cleanse our bodies, these baths are taken with the specfic intention of removing unwanted energies & ridding oneself of negative vibrations. The purifying power of a spiritual bath an restore harmony & balance to your life.

A good spiritual bath may be the perfect way to end this year & bring in 2016 with a soul that’s fresh, clean, & ready for a new start.

There are many types of spiritual baths. My favorite {and one of the simplest to perform} is the vinegar bath.






Vinegar has long been used has an agent of protection & exorcism. It banishes evil, misfortune, negativity, illness, & even pesky germs. It’s pH balancing properties provide natural toning and conditioning to skin and hair. Adding it to your bath will provide body & soul benefits.

Step 1

Prepare Your Station.

Prepare any ingredients you will be using for your bath {in this case, it’s just vinegar, but other times it could be a combo of herbs, oils, etc.} If using herbs you will need to either pre-soak the herbs in hot water or prepare a bath tea bag for the herbs to sit contained in the tub, while the water takes on herbal essence.

Step 2

Cleanse Your Body.

Before partaking in any type of spiritual bath, you must first ensure that your temple is clean. Take a normal shower or bath previous to any spiritual bathing to rid yourself of any physical dirt.

Step 3

Prepare Your Bath.

Fill your tub with warm water. Add your ingredients. If using pre-soaked herbs strain your mixture to pour in the herb infused water. If using herbs in a bath tea bag/container, add these herbs now and let them soak for about 10 minutes before you get in. {If pre-soaked, you don’t have to wait any}. In the case of the vinegar bath, simply add 7 to 9 caps of vinegar to warm steamy bath water. Feel free to light candles or do anything else you’d like to set the ambiance for healing.

Step 4
Take your bath. Hop in and enjoy the warm water and steam filled with healing elements surrounding you. As you indulge in this peaceful experience, keep your intention stayed the spiritual cleansing/healing you seek. Trust the process to accomplish its purpose. Do not use soap or any additives in this bath. You may perform the motions of washing, using the infused bath water all while holding the intent in your heart that you are cleansing your soul. Remain in the bath for at least 15 minutes for maximum benefit.

Step 5

Air Dry.

Once you have exited the tub, Do Not dry with a towel. You may drape a robe around you or some other comfortable clothing if you wish, but allow your body to dry naturally.

Step 6

Enjoy & Let Simmer

Enjoy the soul lifting effects of your bath. It is best to wait 12 to 24 hours before your next bath.

Again vinegar baths are my favorite, as they are easy & effective. But I looovvveee herbal magical baths for spirit as well. Depending on the combination of herbs there is so much variant magical soul work that can be accomplished with a spiritual bath.

If you’ve never tried a spiritual bath, start with the vinegar one & tell me what you think!

Happy Bathing & Happy New Year!
ॐ A.T.ॐ

All Hail the Power of Black Soap!

All hail the power of black soap!


Ahhh the blessed black soap. So good I had to give it a kiss. When it comes to cleansing this temple, black soap is bar none. With all the toxic chemicals at play in many popular beauty & hygiene products, I make it my business to make sure the products I use to cleanse and moisturize my skin are organic aids from mother Earth. And what’s best is its from Goddess body. Goddess body products are holistic treasures and this black soap is no exception. Nature’s medicine provides the best healing. And the contents of soap are more than equipped to give your temple the cleansing and nourishment it needs.


Contents: Cocoa Pods- derived from the cacao tree, these are full of vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants that nourish the skin & hair giving it increased vibrancy and shine. Not to mention the delicate chocolatey scent it adds to the mix. Mmm

Plantain Skin- Used in centuries old cures for various health conditions, this ingredient contains rich antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Some of its numerous benefits are aiding in quicker healing, decreasing the probability of scarring, natural sunburn and insect bite relief, treats skin conditions (acne, eczema, etc.), and remedies dandruff. This ingredient is a powerhouse!

Ash- Volcanic ash contains anti-virus,  anti-yeast & antibacterial properties. It’s sulfur content helps the body resist and destroy bacteria. It slows aging by protecting against toxins & radiation. It’s a natural exfoliant and it aids in the synthesis of collagen, fighting against wrinkles, cellulite, even stretch marks & more.

Palm Oil- Palm oil contains the hard to find toctrienols, which are members of the vitamin E family. This gives it anti-aging properties and the ability to heal numerous skin ailments. It’s strong antioxidant properties allow it to fight free radicals and the damage they cause.

Water – Life giving. We’re mostly made of it! Water is the truest form of moisturize and, therefore, the most effective moisturizer.

All together these create a blend that effectively cleanses, alleviates rashes and skin ailments, relieves acne, and is anti-aging. It’s naturally antibacterial & anti-fungal, making its cleansing properties even more effective.

I can tell you, folks. I used black soap for months but had to convert to another soap for a while. It was an oatmeal soap free of parabens & dyes and it even contained aloe and avocado oil. It did well enough, but even still it could not compare to the effect black soap had on my skin. After a wash with black soap, you can registered the increased glow immediately. You can feel the cleanliness inside out. Plus it lacked the added versatility of being a shampoo.  I personally am against the use of shampoo unless my hair has been away for a very long time and needs a deep cleansing. I’m an avid co-washer, since it gets my hair clean without stripping it of its natural moisture. But black soap is the one shampoo/cleanser that i can trust to leave my hair in a clean but moisturized, strong state.

Black soap can be used to wash hair and skin, and even as a facial. With its practically endless wonders, black soap is a worthy investment into the health and longevity of your temple.


Visit GoddessBody.org for this particular brand of black soap and other holistic health & beauty goodies.

Love & Light