My Body My Choice


Nudity empowers some. Modesty empowers some. Different things empower different women & it’s not your place to tell them which one it is. This is not just a cool saying people, it’s the TRUTH. Every women {and man} is in charge of their own body and it is up each person to do with it as they wish. It sickens me that people would go out of their way to report images they dont have to see, judge when they could just let be.

Rape culture tells us we have control over other peoples bodies. Rape culture tells us the less clothes someone is wearing, the less deserving of respect, but I’m here to show you that is not true. We are all deserving of bodily autonomy & we do not deserve to be shamed or suffer unjust penalty because of the choices we make.

Rape is not the penalty for nudity. Shame is not the penalty for exposed skin. It is my right, & her right, & his right to cover or expose my body as I choose. To shave or not shave. To wear makeup or not wear make up. To have sex or not have sex. To identify as whatever sexual orientation or gender I please. Or anything else you may not agree with. It is not your right to make anyone put on clothes, take them off, or make someone do anything they do not want to do. Nor is it in your control. When it comes to the body of another, your assumptions means nothing. Every being is worthy of respect. You dont have to understand or identify. But you must respect.

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Love & Light


Campaign Consent | Sexual Assault Awareness


It’s April 1st & the first day of #SexualAssaultAwareness month. Free Spiiirit is activating our power in feminist activism to take a stand against the patriarchy, rape culture, & sexual assault. Sexual acts of violence and the attitudes leading to them are all too often trivialized & embraced as a normal part of our culture, but no more! We have created ●Campaign Consent● because consent is a necessity. Consent is a respect that must be given at all times. If we hope to erradicate the laissez faire attitude toward #sexualassault, our culture must be educated of this vital notion.

We aim to use ●Campaign Consent● as a vehicle for change, by spreading awareness throughout the streets of Los Angeles & all over social media about the importance of consent & ending rape culture. Join Triiinity Tafari, myself & the Free Spiiirit Tribe  in our mission to spread awareness about this important issue! Tag #CampaignConsent or email to share your stories, facts or photos of you smashing the patriarchy! We will repost the lovely spiiirits that share on our Instagram!

Love & Light

Saturday Morning Ramblings


8:26am: It really grinds my gears when people post memes like ” I can’t roll up or twerk, but I go to work & cook” or “Queens > bad bitches” etc. Maybe because I know that I’m a composite being, full of yin & yang but I just don’t get why people are so eager to uplift themselves by looking down on other beings. Why do we feel the need to constantly come up with sects, groups, titles and other distinctions that only serve to seperate us further? To feel special and somehow uplifted by the belittling of others… I dont get it. Enlightenment is not an excuse to be pretentious. It’s not about looking down on others, now that you have all this knowledge. As we grow in enlightenment, we should be simultaneously expanding in understanding of and compassion toward the people. Not looking down on the parties we’re aiming to help. Know that you know nothing. Know that you are everything, and nothing at all. Awake from the illusion of our separateness. We are all one, from bad bitches to Queens to everyone in between. After all, I can cook, twerk, roll up, go to work, and shift the culture all at the same time. Don’t box me in. Call me ratchet spiritual. That ascended down-to-Earth type. How bout you?


One Love


A.T. the Poetess

Hello Lovers!

I am a writer through and through. And being a writer means I write all sorts of things….blogs, fiction stories, songs, etc. But did you guys know I do poetry? Yes, I love to air out my opinions in systematic rhyme schemes lol.

I do written and spoken word…

And I think…you guys should check it out!


Here’s a little sneak peek of the spoken word variety

If your interested in more of my poetry, head over to my Poetry Corner on Tumblr to see what Miiiri’s mouth do. 🙂

Love & Light

☮ A.T. ☮

Sexual Assault Awareness Month


Dear lovers. Great rising this day. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Sexual assault is an issue very near and dear to my heart. The respect & honor of one another’s temples is of the utmost importance to me. The temple is the holy house of the Spirit and –no matter how beautiful, vulnerable, ornate, or exposed– should not be violated by unwelcome intruders. We must understand that we are entitled to no one. Even our very own bodies are on lease to us for this lifetime. Do not presume consent. Respect is key. Approval is paramount.

So this month you will hear me on my soapbox, spreading awareness about this very important issue in our society.

Love & Light


10,000 Thanks for 10K Views! ❤☮


Greetings, Gods & Goddesses!

I haven’t paid much attention to my blog views for a little minute now. I guess I just come on here and blog my heart out when I can,  and it just hasn’t really crossed my mind to take a minute to check, recently…butttttttt

I was about to blog today and I decided to give my views a look-see…and guess what??

I’VE GOT 10,729  BLOG VIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!


Garsh, thanks guysssss. c:

The love I feel in my heart for each person who takes a moment to check out my ramblings, is infinite.

I’m so glad to share my soul with you guys!

Give me some feedback, let me know what types of posts you guys are loving the most!

Oh, & keep those views coming!! I’ll keep on sharin’ ❤


☮ XOXO A.T ☮

OOTD: BDAY || 23 Earthstrong

23 years ago…August 18th at 7:04pm…a young G was born into the world.

A young Goddess that is…

And in this lovely season of the Leo, I celebrate my birth and another year dwelling in this beautiful Earthly realm.

I am entirely GRATEFUL.

Grateful to have family & friends that genuinely care about me.

Grateful to be living my life in the city I have always dreamed.

Grateful for vision, creativity, and inspiration.

Grateful for all the love in my life.

I am as passionate & inspired as ever to fulfill my God-given destiny in the Earth, and live my dreams in the process.

And as I turn 2-3

{2+3 = 5}

I thank the Almighty Creator for all the grace upon my life and this year shall be a year of success, freedom, joy, & loving light! I declare it!


Had a lot of birthday fun! Triiin gave me the royal treatment. From delicious breakfast in bed, home spa treatments, an impromptu BDAY photoshoot, a beautiful homemade cake of perfection, plenty of blunts, wine, & tango lessons! Not to mention a delicious gourmet dinner and awesome gifts. I truly felt like a Leo lioness Queen.

My family sent their beautiful birthday wishes such a manner that there was no way that I could not feel the love. They also sent me a b-day package that arrived perfectly on today, but my apartment manager left her office early, so I couldn’t get it 😦 . However I’m still happy about the package and so excited to see whats inside! My mom always sends something right on time that’s just what I want/need. Some intuition on that woman… not to mention our connection 🙂 . (P.S. since first starting this post I have seen whats in the package! &it was right-on-time gifts, as usual 🙂 ). It’s my first birthday that we haven’t been able to see each other and I miss ’em! But I know they were all with me in spirit.

IMAGE , my friend & an amazingly dope artist, also played a part in making my birthday special! Not only did he give me the gift of a beautiful piece of art to hang on my wall, he gave me a beautiful handmade necklace to serve as wearable piece of art as well! He also took Triiin & I for a lovely day of drinks, desserts, and good vibes 🙂

 photo (2)








Breakfast: Veggie Omelet, with fried potatoes & soy chorizo

Dinner: Pan Seared Salmon w/ grilled onions, Brocolli Cakes, Baked Alfredo Mac & Cheese & Corn on the Cob

Cake: Red Velvet & Strawberry w/ Cookies n Cream baked in, Frosted with Cream Cheese Icing & Cookies n Cream Crumbles (cream cheese & cinnamon icing between layers)


photo 2

Sheer Floral Top: Thrifted, Yellow Crop Cami: F21, Distressed Denim Shorts: Free Spiiirit, Camel Suede Boot Wedges: Payless, Hamsa Ring: Bree Wylde,  Elephant Ring: Beauty Supply, Double Triangle Pinky Ring: F21 Ankh Bracelet: Bree Wylde, Gold Triangle Earrings: Triiin’s Mom, Supreme Cat Eye Sunnies (not pictured): Gift from Triiin ^_^

More shots from the impromptu BDAY photoshoot coming soon to &

CHEERS! To this birthday…and the next….and all the awesomeness to come in between!

23 shall be good to ME!

☮ XOXO A.T. ☮