About the Author


Amiiiri Tafari. Peace Pusha. Goddess. Muse. Poetess. Spiiirit Warrior.  I live life as a free spiiirit and my lifestyle brand Free Spiiirit (co-owned by myself and Triiinity Tafari) is the embodiment of that. I aspire to raise the vibrations of the world through my expression.

I have been featured on: Serenity’s Natural Hair Blog (2x), TrialsnTresses, ISmokeIt, OneBakedBetch, CannabisQueenz,

I have done muse work for: PassionsInk, Markus Pr1m3, DelainoArt, PinkLomein, FaithInArt, JayEazy

For PR, features, collabrations, events, product reviews, etc. I can be contacted at amiiiritafari@gmail.com

.        .        .

A few of my favorite things…..

♥GOD ♥Family♥Friends♥Food♥Crystals♥Fashion♥Reading♥Dystopian Fiction♥Writing♥Organizing♥Music♥Singing♥Dancing♥Politics♥Intellectual Convos♥Tattoos♥Piercings♥Originality♥

.        .        .

Anything else you want to know, you’ll probably learn from this blog, but if you don’t feel free to ask…I don’t bite! 😉

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