Campaign Consent | Sexual Assault Awareness


It’s April 1st & the first day of #SexualAssaultAwareness month. Free Spiiirit is activating our power in feminist activism to take a stand against the patriarchy, rape culture, & sexual assault. Sexual acts of violence and the attitudes leading to them are all too often trivialized & embraced as a normal part of our culture, but no more! We have created ●Campaign Consent● because consent is a necessity. Consent is a respect that must be given at all times. If we hope to erradicate the laissez faire attitude toward #sexualassault, our culture must be educated of this vital notion.

We aim to use ●Campaign Consent● as a vehicle for change, by spreading awareness throughout the streets of Los Angeles & all over social media about the importance of consent & ending rape culture. Join Triiinity Tafari, myself & the Free Spiiirit Tribe  in our mission to spread awareness about this important issue! Tag #CampaignConsent or email to share your stories, facts or photos of you smashing the patriarchy! We will repost the lovely spiiirits that share on our Instagram!

Love & Light

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