My Body My Choice


Nudity empowers some. Modesty empowers some. Different things empower different women & it’s not your place to tell them which one it is. This is not just a cool saying people, it’s the TRUTH. Every women {and man} is in charge of their own body and it is up each person to do with it as they wish. It sickens me that people would go out of their way to report images they dont have to see, judge when they could just let be.

Rape culture tells us we have control over other peoples bodies. Rape culture tells us the less clothes someone is wearing, the less deserving of respect, but I’m here to show you that is not true. We are all deserving of bodily autonomy & we do not deserve to be shamed or suffer unjust penalty because of the choices we make.

Rape is not the penalty for nudity. Shame is not the penalty for exposed skin. It is my right, & her right, & his right to cover or expose my body as I choose. To shave or not shave. To wear makeup or not wear make up. To have sex or not have sex. To identify as whatever sexual orientation or gender I please. Or anything else you may not agree with. It is not your right to make anyone put on clothes, take them off, or make someone do anything they do not want to do. Nor is it in your control. When it comes to the body of another, your assumptions means nothing. Every being is worthy of respect. You dont have to understand or identify. But you must respect.

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Love & Light


Campaign Consent | Sexual Assault Awareness


It’s April 1st & the first day of #SexualAssaultAwareness month. Free Spiiirit is activating our power in feminist activism to take a stand against the patriarchy, rape culture, & sexual assault. Sexual acts of violence and the attitudes leading to them are all too often trivialized & embraced as a normal part of our culture, but no more! We have created ●Campaign Consent● because consent is a necessity. Consent is a respect that must be given at all times. If we hope to erradicate the laissez faire attitude toward #sexualassault, our culture must be educated of this vital notion.

We aim to use ●Campaign Consent● as a vehicle for change, by spreading awareness throughout the streets of Los Angeles & all over social media about the importance of consent & ending rape culture. Join Triiinity Tafari, myself & the Free Spiiirit Tribe  in our mission to spread awareness about this important issue! Tag #CampaignConsent or email to share your stories, facts or photos of you smashing the patriarchy! We will repost the lovely spiiirits that share on our Instagram!

Love & Light