Universal Reciprocity


The Universe is not a negative or positive consciousness. It responds to the vibrations you emit. Think of it as a computer. It’s all a matter of what you type in the search engine that determines what you see on the screen. It’s the same with your vibes. The vibrations you put out are the ones you will receive. Today started off quite abysmally. Nothing was going smoothly and everything that could happen to upset me, did. I admit I was quite down about it at first, but I made the conscious decision to keep my energy positive, having faith that with my persistence, the energy of the day would follow.  And you know what? It most certainly did. And the day turned out even better than I could’ve imagined. So shoutout to universal reciprocity. With it, I am always the captain of my own fate.

No one or nothing can steal your joy but you. Namaste.


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