Saturday Morning Ramblings


8:26am: It really grinds my gears when people post memes like ” I can’t roll up or twerk, but I go to work & cook” or “Queens > bad bitches” etc. Maybe because I know that I’m a composite being, full of yin & yang but I just don’t get why people are so eager to uplift themselves by looking down on other beings. Why do we feel the need to constantly come up with sects, groups, titles and other distinctions that only serve to seperate us further? To feel special and somehow uplifted by the belittling of others… I dont get it. Enlightenment is not an excuse to be pretentious. It’s not about looking down on others, now that you have all this knowledge. As we grow in enlightenment, we should be simultaneously expanding in understanding of and compassion toward the people. Not looking down on the parties we’re aiming to help. Know that you know nothing. Know that you are everything, and nothing at all. Awake from the illusion of our separateness. We are all one, from bad bitches to Queens to everyone in between. After all, I can cook, twerk, roll up, go to work, and shift the culture all at the same time. Don’t box me in. Call me ratchet spiritual. That ascended down-to-Earth type. How bout you?


One Love


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