Affordable Gift Ideas (For Him & Her!)

Hola guys, Christmas is around the corner!

& by around the corner, I mean a mere 6 days from now….

I already know there are still at least a couple of you who haven’t gotten gifts for your loved ones and  don’t even have an idea where to start. &that, is why I’m here. I got ya covered!

For Him

Electronic Cases


Does he have the new Iphone 5? Or a cell phone of any sort, they all need cases these days. So do other electronics like tablets, ipads, blaz-e blaz-e BLAH. Purchase a case for his favorite electronic that has something important to him in the design. For instance if his favorite superheros are the Ninja Turtles, get him a Ninja Turtle phone case. If he loves baseball, get him one with something referencing that on it. You get the picture. He’ll love it. The case above is for an Iphone 5. It can be found here and costs $17.16.

A Stylish Tie


Every man needs a tie. A business, dressy, or serious occasion is bound to surface at some point. And for men, a tie is like the right lip color to us women. It adds just that pop they need to make their look stand out. The paisley bow tie above is from Express and costs $23.94. I’m a little partial to bow ties, but if the guy you’re buying for is not, has a plethora of other ties to choose from in the same price range.

Game Accessories


What kind of accessories does a man like, you ask? Generally ones for his gaming devices. Cater to his inner child and buy him a new controller (they can never have too many of those) or a gaming headset. The headset above is a PS3 bluetooth headset, meaning he can move around in tandum with all his gaming emotions, and it only cost $29.99. It can be found here and I have found controllers as cheap as $5 on! WARNING: make sure you know what gaming console he uses (Playstation, XBOX, etc.) before you make this purchase. These pieces are not interchangable across consoles!

For Her

Coastal Scents Original 88 Palette


This palette is to die for. Trust me, I own it.  It comes with so many colors and they are all super pigmented, a  must for any avid eyeshadow wearer. And best of all this palette is only $10.42. Almost half off from the usual price of  18.95. This can be purchased from Coastal Scents here.

Jewelry Organizers


This earring holder and many other cool styles and shapes of jewelry organizers can be found here. Price ranges and styles vary, but many of the cuter ones are quite affordable. This “LOVE” earring holder is only $30.00 and features 66 places to hang jewelry along with a saucer at the bottom that can hold rings and/or bracelets. PS: Shipping is free 🙂

Quality Perfume


I’ll say it again, who doesn’t like to smell good? Every girl does for sure and you can almost never go wrong with a quality fragrance. This gift set comes with 3 different Marc Jacobs roll-on perfumes and comes in a cute reusable foil case. Roll-ons are really easy to travel with and the gift recipient is bound to like at least one of these scents. Best of all, it won’t break the bank. Get this gift set trio for only $38.00 here.

Hopefully I’ve aided in you guys Christmas shopping endeavors. Good luck on your journey, GODSPEED. lol

Until Next Time


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