The Sneaker Wedge: Fab or Fail?


Sooooo sneaker wedges….I’ve been seeing a good bit of these. Not enough to call it a trend just yet, but enough to take note. I’m not quite sure to feel about them just yet but they must be noted. I’ve seen a few cute pairs, usually they are the ones that come in a print or with spikes. Plus I’ve seen a couple of celebs (including Nicole Scherzinger) rockin’ em but I just haven’t quite latched on to the sneaker wedges movement yet. Something makes me think of a more burgoueis version of the “Jordan heel” posted on people’s walls by fake facebook pages. Maybe its because I’m not the biggest sneaker girl, idk, but like I said I can’t make heads or tails of this one yet.

What do you guys think? Fab or Fail?

12 thoughts on “The Sneaker Wedge: Fab or Fail?

    • Haha, really? Maybe I have to find the pair that strikes me. They will def have to be affordable, or a gift, if I ever try em out since Im so on the fence about it! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  1. More of a fail definitely. When I wear sneakers I usually do it for comfort and not for the classiness (duh), and adding some wedge to it really doesn’t help with comfort


    • Yeah I wouldn’t imagine adding any type of heel on anything makes it more comfortable…EVER lol…but it probably makes your butt look nice, if nothing else!lol. Thanks for commenting :).

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