I’m Back!!

My lovely, lovely dolls, I apologize soooo much for my little-under-a month long hiatus. I have been really busy with the start of school, my employment at two jobs, the student paper, and all my orgs. But, IM BACK!!! Im still busy with all these things, but my lovely blog dolls mustn’t be neglected any longer! What I will do is begin to blog every Saturday, MINIMUM. I will try to blog more than this, but Saturdays are what I promise you all. You can still look to theFashionerrd for hairbeautyfashion and more blogging entertainment and advice! I look forward to entertaining and informing you all more and more in the future. I have many awesome blog topics waiting in store for you guys so Stay Tuned!!

Also, I have been awarded the Liebster Award & the Versatile Blogger Award (YAYYY!!), so stay tuned for posts on that!

Until Next Time My Lovelies!



2 thoughts on “I’m Back!!

  1. That’s awesome, and I really think (know), you deserve it. If people knew a fourth of the schedule you keep…everyday-I’m sure most, if not all of those who follow you would be in agreement. Congrats on the awards! Also, that’s very thoughtful of you to promise time on your Saturdays. I for one will definitely be “on the look-out” for your upcoming post.

    Pace yourself many are watching, not all may post.

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