Trendspotting : Mint

Hello blog-loves! I do these trendspotting post to keep you all abreast on what is hot, hot, hot right now. & right now mint is the IT color of the season. This cool color is blazin’ up the runways, fashion mags, and the streets of fashionable cities worldwide. Incorporate a little mint in your style by wearing a mint nail polish or piece of mint jewelry, or go all out with a pair of mint skinnies or a mint blazer. Check out a few of my picks for adorable mint pieces below…


How do you guys like these pieces? Isnt mint dazzling?

Until Next Time!


5 thoughts on “Trendspotting : Mint

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  2. At first I was not sure how I felt about mint but after finding an awesome mint purse from Target and looking at pictures of other bloggers in mint; I have to say that I love this trend now!

    • really?? ive always loved the color, it was something I used to wear on my nails as early as last spring! im glad your on the mint bandwagon with us now though! I need more mint items in my wardrobe!!

  3. GRAAAAHHH! I love mint, AND gold. When given a choice, I will always choose to accessorize with gold.

    You should do an entry about gold vs. silver!

    • i love both as well! &ha! I love gold jewelry above silver too!! That might make me a taddddd bit biased, but who isnt right??? lol. That is a wonderful idea for a post though, im def gonna do that!

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