New Ink !

Greetings All ! Saturday June 9th i got a new tattoo! Its one I have been wanting for a while.


It is in Arabic and it means God is Love. I got this tattoo because it I wanted to remind myself that God is Love so that means that He loves me. Also it means that I should always operate in love. Love for myself, and love for humanity. I never want to develop a hatred for humanity no matter how evil the world gets because we are all God’s creation.

So yup! Thats my reasoning. The photo really doesn’t do it justice especially since its all red and swollen at the time, lol but maybe I will take a better pic once its all healed and post it.

What do you guys think? I personally love my new tattoo and what it stands for to me. Hopefully you guys agree.

Until Next Time!


12 thoughts on “New Ink !

  1. question : Who is that “God” your referring to?

    If you are referring to the Father of Jesus Christ, yes ! He is God of Love. And take note: He loves those who loves Him (Proverbs 8:17) . And He does not love the following : fornicators,idolaters,adulterers, effeminates, abusers of themselves with mankind, thieves, covetous, DRUNKARDS, revilers,extorioners. (1 Cor. 6:9-10)
    and also, He does not like a person who mark or tattoo his or her body, cause their bodies are owned by God.
    Do you understand that ?

    • You know, I wasn’t gonna approve this comment but I must respond. God loves all of his creation. Are you telling me that he hates gay people because they are gay? Or me because I have tattoos? If so you are mistaken. God may not agree with either of those those but he loves us all the same. The bible says that He loved us while we were yet sinners. which makes your words about him not loving a drunkard, gay man, or tattooed person null and void. What the bible says, also, is judge not lest you be judged, so before you come to try to take the “sty” out of my eye, take the “plank” out of yours and realize that being judgmental and condemning people rather than welcoming them with love is a sin as well and its part of the reason so many are pushed away from the Christian faith (as well as other monotheistic faiths) in the first place.

      Thank you for your comment.

  2. cool – dig the tattoo and actually thinking of something similar myself. my only question is, since arabic reads right to left, should the symbol for God be on the right?

  3. What can I say … Nice ink … great reasoning and response to a judgemental bigot ! ~ Reverend Bryan

  4. Yes ! God loves those sinners, that is why HE called them to repent, and learn His ways. He loves those who had repent. But if you disregard His calling and you continue sinning until you die, do you think He is still gonna loves you? NO! He will throw you to a place which is called inferno. And for those gays, He loves them. That is why He also call. Once they are called and listen to his calling, they will be taught of His commandments, and they should stop having sex with their own kind. And as for you, having to continue putting tattoo in your body after somebody had told you, it already constitute as a sin unto you.

  5. Reverend Bryan,
    I am not a judgmental bigot. Maybe you are, but not me ! You should had study the bible more, so as not to be found an ignoramus. And another thing , you should be ashamed to call yourself REVEREND. That title does not fit you

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